Mebeli lux - KS offers furniture in classical style produced from natural materials.

Functional and aesthetic, the solid wood furniture emanate warmth of domestic coziness. People of refined test living in Bulgaria and abroad choose them!

The master craftsmen of Mebeli lux - KS know how to reach the desired polishing, not only to give pleasure when touched but also to emanate nobleness and long-lasting style, which becomes more and more precious as time passes. Wood has sealed sunlight within itself.

The selection of natural materials needed for producing the relative model is made with precision and mastery. The completeness of each detail transforms each article into a piece of art.

Mebeli lux - KS presents collection of articles with unique finishing mastered from the ancient Italian craftsmen.

Different effects and techniques make the articles look antique and remind of romantic nostalgia for far-off times.

The original models of Mobili Decorati are hand-made mainly with floral motives and landscapes by artists. The interior acquires irresistible charm and artistry.

Mediterranean design line is made entirely of oak, which brings solidity and peace. The wood looks faded by the weather, the sun and the humidity; peculiar pores reveal these processes. The final processing is made with wax, which sustain the wood and gives it mat look.

Mebeli lux - KS furniture keep their own secrets and express their owner's individuality.

Mebeli lux - KS - classical harmony of shapes and details.